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National NFRW Convention

Posted by jacksongopwomen on August 1, 2013 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (1)

 If you havent already received your booklet outlining the amazing agenda for the NFRW conference in Louisville Kentucky you can download a copy online.  I urge as many ladies who are able to make plans to attend.  We are eligible to have ONE lady attend as a voting delegate for our club if anyone is interested please let me know as soon as possible.  Also, anyone who would just like to attend!  There will be leadership classes, mentoring, a business section, election of new national officers, a tour of Louisville, a derby race just to name a few things. 


Anyone interested can register online, you are not required to stay at the Galt House however there are rooms reserved for ladies who would like to stay there, however it is on a first come first serve basis. 

Hope to see you there!


Posted by jacksongopwomen on June 24, 2013 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)


This has been a wonderful month with some great announcements! We have had a few amazing speakers, Rhonda Barnette has accepted as new 1st Vice-President, we have had a great turn out in fundraisers and are set to move into the fall with the National COnference in Kentucky as well as the WV Fall Board in Parkersburg.  JCRW has also elected to host the Spring Board and we are putting together a committee for that chaired by Christina King.  MELP has begun the selection process for books, and I have recieved the edited copy back from Hope the Librarian in Ripley as far as whats needed. 

We are still working on the parade for the 4th of July celebration, the theme is borthday so we will have a GIANT cake. Red, White and Blue beads have been orderd and I am trying to procure a GOP Elephant from Charleston to use as well. PLease save your paper towel rolls/toilet paper tubes to craft into candles!

I am currently on a much needed vacation and therefore out of the immediate contacat area, if you have questions please give me a few days to respond.

Hope to see you all at the parade to wave and toss beads!


Spaghetti Dinner Success!

Posted by jacksongopwomen on May 1, 2013 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank you....words cannot express my gratitude for the hard work and effort so many of you made to help organize, orchestrate and make our first Spaghetti Dinner a Success.  The hard work of the dedicated members of the JCRW is amazing.  Thank you, Rhonda Barnette, Faye Randolph, Christina King, Carolyn Waybright, Phyllis Michael, Nola Cestaric, Ruth Brooks, Leanna Lipscomb, Carolyn Radar, Nancy Griffith...

A special thank you to John McCoy and McCoys Conference Center for hosting us, without you and all you do to support us, I do not know where we'd be.  Pizza Hut of Ripley for donating so much to help our endeavors, Wendys and McDonalds for supply donations and beverages. 

Thank you to our elected officals who came our to support us, bid on auction items and assisted as waiters to our guests refilling glasses as needed! Thank you Senator Mitch Carmichael, Representative Steve Westfall, Mayor Michael Ihle and Commissioners Mike Randolph and Dick Waybright.

Thank you to the Jackson County Teenage Republicans who came out and decorated, and served food...you make us proud knowing one day you will be the leaders that uphold our ideals!

Thank you to the countless donors of auction items, baked goods and cash donations I cannot even begin to name you all without missing someone, but everything each and everyone of you have done is so appreciated.

Finally thank you Jackson County for coming out and supporting us. For staying positive, for being patient and for being dedicated, patriotic Americans.

and most importantly Thank you to our Heavenly Father for guiding us, for helping us to what is right for ALL your children!



Jackson Co. Republican Teens

Posted by jacksongopwomen on March 4, 2013 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The teenagers are getting active! As there is no teacher to sponsor them In the high schools so they are going to work closely with us to mentor them. They will have their first official out of school meeting this thursday BEFORE the JCRW meeting at McCoys. They will decide on officers, by-laws, meeting frequencies and goals. They have been great so far in attending activities with the JCRW, helping to register voters, support candidates, making signs and phone calls and asking questions of those seeking office as to why first time voters should support them. Please be patient with them, answer questions and help as needed gently.This is a big undertaking for them to do this without the schools support in addition to their already busy schedules. If any of you have teenagers 12-21 or grandchildren that may be interested they will meet at 5:30pm. anyone with questions can email [email protected] or call 304-838-6652


Good Luck Teens!



Gun Control and Big Governement

Posted by jacksongopwomen on January 28, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

This is a copy of the letter that I sent to WV GOP Chairman Conrad Lucas to forward with others to the President of the NRA...I thought about blogging my concerns over the ever reaching government regulations and restricions but thought that this would best share with you all my thoughts and concerns without those tangeants I have been known to go off on. I always appreaciate your input and ideas, Carol.


President Keene,


It goes without saying that I support the Second Amendment however what is missing from this argument is that I support the entire Bill of Rights and the Constitution of this great country. The media has turned this into a Pro-Gun/Anti-Gun conversation and I feel the NRA should be doing more to shed light on this political grab for power.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day President Obama signed his 23 Executive Orders that New York had legislature introduced to place GPS tracking on prescription medications? In a state where they already publish gun owners in the paper, a list of people on medications deemed for mental health wouldn’t be hard to cross reference and then target the individuals. This administration and its ever reaching need to dominate and manipulate its citizens is at the start of a slippery slope. With its violation of the second amendment it is signaling to us, its citizens that it will have no trouble violating our civil liberties in the future. Once upon a time people were outraged by the Patriot Act and that someone may be able to wiretap and listen to what is ‘perceived’ a conversation of national interest. However, we seem to have become complacent in that outrage, for now we have been told we cannot own certain guns, and ammunition. I have heard the arguments that no one needs these weapons to hunt, but where is it written the second amendment is about hunting? This is about a violation of our nations guaranteed freedoms and liberties. If we start allowing vague executive orders to change this, then next we can expect a change to our freedom of speech …where will it end? This is why we cannot allow it to start.

It is my opinion that once we allow changes to be made for the sake of change, this country will no longer be the great nation of freedom it has always been. We will join the ranks of those whose citizens are enslaved by massive governments dictating every aspect of our daily lives. Who receives healthcare, who attends college, who we can marry and who can have children and a nation who punishes those who do not agree with its government. This country fought a war not too many generations ago to fight a dictator, who disarmed its citizens, decided what races and religions were worthy to procreate and even exist. This is why we need to stop this President, why we need to protect this Second Amendment and this Constitution. This is what defines us and our greatness.

I will leave you with this; I am not a gun owner. I am however a member of the NRA, I am a proud American and see that this issue as a way to preserve this nation. By not allowing our rights to be diluted until they are no longer recognized. Preserving our ideals and freedoms is what this fight is about and should be about not who owns what gun.


Fundraisers, How you can get involved!

Posted by jacksongopwomen on January 6, 2013 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)


January will be a busy month for us at the JCRW. Ripley Pizza Hut has allowed us TWO fundraisers on Thursday the 17th and Thursday the 24th! Please stop in BOTH of these days order your lunch or dinner and 20% of the check total will be dontate to help some worthy causes. The fundraiser on the 17th will benefit the Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Project donating books to the Jackson county Libraries. The 24th will be funds that will go directly to JCRW where we will distribute them to several ongoing projects: Camp Lincoln where we will send a Jackson County teen to leadership camp, contributing money to scholarships that help young ladies attend college and spoorting our local No Hunger food pantry.

How you can help is easy: SHOW UP at RIPLEY PIZZA HUT on the 17th AND 24th. tell your server you are there for the fundraiser. it doesnt matter if you eat in or take out. tell your co-workers, your freinds an family, your neighbors. If your on another commitee or involved in other clubs invite them along. The more pizzas that are purchased those two days the larger the contribution.

Were hoping to make this a success, please help us support our local communities.

Carol Pickron

The Electoral College to be...or not to be

Posted by jacksongopwomen on January 3, 2013 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I am recycling! I originally wrote this after the Bush election of 2000, however in light of the Obama 2012 reelection many of the same sentiments have been used so I am re-posting this from my personal blog consider it a history lesson if you will.

The Electoral College ...to be or not to be (again)

It’s that time again in our nation's history. The time when pundits and political armchair quarterbacks begin to call for the end of the Electoral College.

It is easy to understand the emotion behind the call for a popular vote to elect our President. Everywhere you look today there are bumper stickers claiming our current President did not win the 2000 election. Such hysteria is typical of the far left. As always, their hysteria is based on a complete and total disregard for the facts.

Today in the U.S. a total of nine states contain more than 50% of our nation's population. By winning only those nine states in a popular vote, a Presidential candidate can write off the other forty-one states. This means a total of forty-one out of fifty states, or 82% of our nation's states, would have no voice in who becomes President.

The founders of our nation were far wiser than the contemporary critics of today. Men like John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry knew a thing or two about human nature. They knew that electing a President by way of a popular vote would result in the same tyranny they fought so hard to remove themselves from: the tyranny of a few ruling the many. This always results in the destruction of liberty.

If tomorrow the Electoral College were eliminated, those of us who live in the forty-one least populated states would become subservient to those who live in the nine most populated states. The Electoral College ensures that the person who becomes President must first win a majority vote in a majority of the states, thus ensuring that all states have representation. This also forces each Presidential candidate to campaign in all fifty states.

When we consider the 2000 Presidential election, it is easy to see that George W. Bush was the clear winner, winning thirty of fifty states. That is 60% of our nation's states. That is the only majority that matters. If the shoe were on the other foot and Al Gore won thirty of fifty states - the principle behind the Electoral College would still hold true.

The founders of our nation should be praised once again. The Electoral College system has stood the test of time and in the process, ensured that a man, who won only twenty of fifty states in the year 2000, did not become President. That is a brilliant system of checks and balances at work.


Carol Kalwa-Pickron

Conventional Conservatism