Jackson County Republican Women

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August's Meeting

What a productive meeting! Thank you to everyone who came out, I know summer plans get hectic as school approaches!  The meeting began with the Pledge and a Prayer by Carol Pickron.  We discussed the fun and great effort of the Independence Day parade.  We solidified plans to move ahead with the Ravenswood Octoberfest as well as holding a fundrasing auction in November.  The book selection for the MELP project is underway next meeting we hope to further narrow the choices and look at cost to determine how many should be obtained.  Cassandra and Justin Pickron gave reports on their experiences at Camp Lincoln and they answered questions as asked.  Jackson Newspapers were there to photograph the scholarship winners and also took copies of the winning essays.  This was a wonderfully productive work session.

May's Meeting

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer by Carolyn Waybright.  We began with announcing the recipents of the Camp Lincoln Scholarships.  Cassandra Pickron will represent the JCRW and Justin Pickron will recieve the scholarship from the Jackson Co. GOP Executive Committee.  Rhonda Barnette was named as the new 1st VicePresident. A change to the ByLaws was made to allow members and officers to attend meetings and special sessions by phone. National Resolutions were adopted and will be issued as a press statement.  A (birthday) theme for the July 4th parade was decided on.  Information was distributed on the Democracy in America Project. Representation at the National Conference in Louisville Ky was discussed, and the Americanism project was decided upon. We will be fundraising for pocketflags for troops stationed overseas.  Crystal Newman, was the speaker and representative of the WV Citzens Defense League and provided many questions and invaulable information.

March Preview...

President Carol Kalwa-Pickron will be in Washington DC for Legislative Day and the NFRW Board Meeting with State President Gladys Lemley.  Vice President Phyllis Michael will officiate and work on the agenda and events details.  To be discussed; The Spaghetti Dinner, a report on the bakeless bakesale from VP Delores Willard, Fundraiser updates from Carolyn Waybright, tickets for sale for the Lincoln Day Dinner.( I hope a great turn out from the JCRW) discussion of future speakers and jackson county events to get on the calendar. Lets make this a great turn out to support the Food Pantry, Enroll new members and get down to business!

December Agenda

13th of December

Reading of Last Minutes. Financial Report in Carolyn Waybrights absence. Old News, pizza hut fundraiser and parade. New News: fundrasier bakeless bakesale, discuss type of letter to be sent also. Disc of names from Carolyn Waybright. Also, repeat pizza hut fundraisers for Presidents Day? 2/18 (Monday) Presidents Day Paint the Town Red state capitol legislative day. 9-3 lunch is dutch!

No Hunger food pantry needs hygiene products, what about spearheading a community charity they said they get food at Christmas but are forgotten in spring and summer. Any ideas for an ongoing project? do we want to do this? Anyone volunteer to head this project?  Donations? Bring items to meetings?

Distribute paperwork and ask for volunteers for chairman and co chair for MELP and Americanism committees.

Christmas cards to officials?

Speakers next two months will be WV National Committee Woman Melody Potter and Phyllis Michaels husband who is a lobbyist.


September's Meeting

What a motivating evening! Pledge and Prayer began the meeting and we delved right into the business of the day.  We have accomplished so much and I thank you all for your hard work and constant effort.  The MELP Project is almost at an end, books have been selected and will be ordered for dedication.  The pocket flags for troops have come in and we will assemble these at next months meeting to send to deployed troops.  We have a clear plan moving into the fall, with events like the Octoberfest and a Holiday Auction.  The fall board meeting will be at the Blennerhassett Hotel October 19th please be sure to mark your calendar to attend. Registration is 40.00 to Wood County Republican Women.  We will be hosting the Spring Board in April.  The Teen Republicans announced their first fundraising bake sale this coming Sunday the 8th in front of WalMart to fund their alcohol free teen safe new years eve dance at the County Fair.  Our special guest speaker this month is Congressional Candidate Ron Walters, he is running to fill Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito's seat.  Mr. Walters spoke to the teenagers and then stayed to address our ladies.  He was more than informative answering all of our question and is a very energetic, and passionate candidate. It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to speak with him.

June's Meeting

Pledge and Prayer began the meeting. We finalized plans for the Independence Day Parade.  Beads were ordered and float construction was to begin.  The scholarship recipients from the Teenage Republicans who went to Camp Lincoln will be doing a presentation upon their return.  We discussed fall fundraisers and events 1st VP Rhonda Barnette suggested an auction, we decided to look for a venue to have this.  Also, we decided on participating in the Octoberfest.    We will be hosting the Spring Board meeting here in RIpley April 2014.  A committee will be put together to coordinate these events.  A letter from the Library Director arrived with their comments about the books for the MELP committee. A list of books were passed out to all the ladies present for them to edit personally and bring back to the next meeting so we could get books finalized and ordered.  Speaker Jim McKinney from Enervest was onhand to give a wonderful presentation of fracking, the keystone Pipeline, land/mineral rights and answer questions, he was a wonderful informative speaker and are so glad he and his family took the time to come meet with us.

April's Meeting...

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Jackson Co. Teen Republicans and a Prayer by Carol Pickron.  Even though the meeting was held during spring break we had a great turn out! Spaghetti Dinner plans were finalized, tickets to presell were passed out along with signs to post in the community. Donations were taken for the No Hunger Food Pantry President Carol Pickron gave a report on the NFRW National Legislation Day and Spring Board Meeting.  Information was provided to all members about the resolutions that were passed and sent to legislators urging for action as well information on local bills that oppose our conservative ideas and principles.  All ladies were encouraged to take action and talk to out local Senators and Represenatatives.  Guest Speaker was WV GOP Chairman Conrad Lucas, Conrad spoke to us about the Republican Platforn that was adopted at the National Convention, also about the direction West Virginia is moving going into the next election.  There is a strong grass roots effort and the WVGOP is making tremendous strides.  Also discussed were potential Gubernatorial candidates, Shelley Moore Capito's Senate race of 2014.  , the topic of gun control, politics under the dome in WV and how to get more republicans elected in 2014 and 2016.  Don Michael was also in attendance this month, always great to have him with us.  With some information from the Americanism committee about potential ideas to work with later this year the meeting adjourned. Thank you to all the ladies who came out to participate, next month Crystal Newman, In Her Sights owner/instructor and member of the Citizens Defence League. Hope to see you there!

Februarys Meeting Highlights...

While we were missing several of our ladies this month due to illness and weather we accomplished much.  A date has been set for our spaghetti dinner...Saturday April 20th at McCoys Conference Center! We also stuffed envelopes for the Bakeless Bakesale so be looking for those in your mailboxes.  We decided to extend the Pizza Hut fundraisers one in both  February and March..I ask all of our ladies to be sure to stop in and get a pizza for the cause on these days (check the calendar) We have begun a phonetree to get reminder calls out earlier and collected a LARGE tote of supplies for the No Hunger Food Pantry!

Don Michael was our guest speaker this month and was able to provide much needed insight on who to contact and where to find information on current legislative actions and committees.  We were even given a 'pop quiz' for fun and it was great to see how informed so many of our ladies were.  Mr. Michael is also going to provide us with additional resorces in the future, we look forward to having him back again at a later date.  Our Each One, Bring One recruitment contest will continue through April so be on the lookout for conservative ladies who can come join us! 

January Agenda and Meeting Highlights

1/3/12 Agenda

Pledge and Prayer

Reading of Last Months Meeting and Treasurer Report

Unfinished Business:

Chairwoman for MELP & Americanism Committee

Vote on Bakeless Bakesale Letter

Decision to repeat Pizza Hut fundraisers

Discussion of Newspaper submissions (who and what)

New Business:

Each one Bring one contest thru April.

Discussion about what local events are on the calendar to participate in what can we do and what needs to be done.  Local Ravenswood food pantry needs toiletry items, a decision to bring an item to each meeting has been put in place. New  website launch. Need blog contributors also

promoting facebook. They are linked together.  JCRW Logo vote for merchandise and literature printing.  Legislative day at the State Capitol, whos attending and who needs a ride?  Campaign management School in Richmond Va. is anyone interested? Constitution Classes online as a group? involve the community as an outreach? Introduce speacial guest speaker National Committeewoman Melody Potter.