Jackson County Republican Women

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WVGOP & NRA BBQ in Beckley WV.

Saturday July 27th the WVGOP hosted former NRA President David Keene at the Beckley Convention Center.  Mr. Keene spoke passionately about how the 2nd amendment is not a Republican Amendment but an American Amendment  and how this current administration as well as many elected officials (including Se. Joe Manchin) were working hard to undermine our Constitutional freedoms.Special Guest Speaker was Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, she outlined her goals as a Senate Candidate and we were again reminded how dedicated she is to WV.  I attended with a friend from Beckley, Kelly Thompson also attending was Gladys Lemley WVFRW President, Melody Potter WV National Committeewoman, WVGOP Chairman Conrad Lucas and many of the WVGOP staff.  Dozens of Executive committee chairs from around the state and Delegates from the southern parts of our state as well. 

RNC Co- Chairman Sharon Day visits

RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day spent the Monday the 26th in both Kanawha & Putnam counties.  On the table for discussion was the RNC's new grassroot strategies as well as the Growth and Opportunity Project.  The message was clear; We have the right message, we have the right people, we just need to change our approach. Talk outside our comfort zones. Express OUR beliefs.  We so not get up everyday and fight the good fight because we love our party. WE do not strive to make this country the best place we know it can be because we love our party...we do it because we love our COUNTRY! and because we believe in the principles of equality, the ethics of hard work, the faith in God to steer us through troubled times, smaller government and personal responsibility...that is why we are REPUBLICANS!

Legislative Day  2013

On February 18th the JCRW attended Legislative Day at the Capitol.  Christina King, Carol Kalwa-Pickron, Kelly Pickron and Ginger Harmon were accompanied by the Teenage Republicans Dakota Sayer, Justin and Cassandra Pickron.  Senator Donna Boley hosted us and 46 other republican women from around the state.  Many of the officals came in to answer direct questions from Prision over population, to the Affordable Healthcare Act even Democratic Senate President Jeffrey Kessler answered questions aboutg getting prayer back in schools.  There was an abundance of information and we were in no short supply of Senators and Delegates to answer them. It was also nice to visit with the other clubs from around the state and exchange ideas and support each other.  Please mark your calendars to attend with us next year.
Our first fundraiser of the year Ripley Pizza Hut reports was a success!  I do not have the offical totals however I am informed we have raised approximately $125.00 for the Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Project so far.  A book selection list is available on the NFRW.org website and our Chairwoman for MELP Emily Casto is already reviewing books!  We will meet with the local librarians for their input before making our final selections and purchasing books and book plates!  A special Thank You to everyone who turned out and purchased Pizza Hut Pizza on the 17th (we hope to see you for the general funds raiser on the 24th), to Ripley Pizza Hut for helping us to acheive our goals and to the Jackson Newspapers for getting our event in all the calendars!

Whats new...

Jackson County REPUBLICAN HQ is NOW OPEN!!  

Come out and say hello....volunteer and GET INVOLVED!

We had an OX Roast Dinner to support the local Republican Clubs and Candidates!  Attended a dinner with Former UN Ambassador John Bolton and have tirelessly made phone calls and door knocked so everyone knows to Get Out The Vote!  

The State Fall Board meeting of the WVFRW will be taking place THIS Saturday October 11th along with Super Saturday with Steve Westfall door knocking all of Jackson Co. Please come out and show your support for a truly wonderful dedicated candidate!

Next month will be our election of club officers for the 2015-17 

Fourth of July Celebration 

With a birthday theme in mind we crafted a giant birthday cake, celebrated the Independence of our Nation and the founding of our state.  We threw beads to the crowds so that everyone could be adorned in red, white and blue!  The enthusuiasm from the people lining the streets was so uplifting, hearing shouts of 'Yea! Republicans' and the like...it makes me proud that we can pull together and represent our ideals and that our community can see that we have  presence! I think this will encourage more people to be confident in expressing their ideals and opinions and realize that, at least here in our little corner of the world its good to be a REPUBLICAN!

Spaghetti Dinner at McCoys conference center in Ripley was a great success! We had nice weather and even with manfy competing events that weekend had about 70 guests!!  So many ladies dedicated countless hours to getting donations, cooking and finding auction iems!  Thank you's go out to John McCoy and staff for the facility! Pizza Hut and Wendys of Ripley for donations.  The many donations fo cakes and baked goods! The Auction of Ripley for their donation as well as to WVFRW President Gladys Lemley, Mayor Radar of Ripley, Mayor Ihle of Ravenswood, County Commissioners Mike Randolph and Dick Waybright, Delegate Steve Westfall and Senator Mitch Carmichael! All the attendees, the ladies who worked so hard and cooked such GREAT food!! 

WV Spring Board, Martinsburg

April 5-6th 2013 The Gateway Republican Women hosted the Spring Board in Martinsburg WV.  Delegates were elected to represent the state at the Biennial Convention in Louisville KY September 20-22 2013.  Anyone interested may attend.  There will be 6 voting delegates and 1 alternate as well as the State President  representing West Virginia and 1 delagate from each of the eleven clubs. Club President Carol Kalwa-Pickron was elected as a state delegate to the convention. JCRW will therefore have an opening for a club delegate.  Kelly Pickron was elected to be one of two Pages sent to the convention to represent the state as young women (18-25)and conducting official duties such as carrying the state flag and assisting the delegates on the floor.  Carol Kalwa-Pickron also volunteered to be part of a three member nominating committee for WVFRW officers.  The resolutions adopted at the NFRW Spring Board were read and adopted by the WVFRW (and were given to JCRW at the last meeting for review)  A very very special speaker Michelle Bekkering of the WDN did a fantasic presentation (see blog) as well as a speech from Kristin Soltis Anderson, a regular on the O'Reilly Factor and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.  Mr. Morrisey provided information about the details and budget changes in his own office. There was an open discussion about Common Core and potential litigation. WVGOP Chairman Conrad Lucas was also on hand and introduced speakers. More information will be at next months meeting.CKP

JCRW President Carol Kalwa-Pickron attended the NFRW Legislative Day and Board Meeting with WVFRW President Gladys Lemely.  The event help everything from changed to the NFRW By-Laws to meetings with our Legislative Leaders, we even heard from Sen. Rand Paul the morning after his Filibuster!  There was a surprise visit from Newt Gingrich as well as updates from many of the clubs, special committees and Dist. 8 (our division) speant an afternoon together brainstorming, discussing and planning events, activities, ideas for member retention and recruitment initiatives.  We are hoping to have the FIRST regional meeting here in Ripley WV in October along with a campaign management school! Things are really moving forward ladies, there is so much to be excited about! 


The WV Spring Board, hosted by M,artinsburg, is also almost here. April 5-6. The cost is 35.00/person.  There will be room available to ride with the ladies from Parkersburg WV if your interested but do not want to drive.  We are asked to donate an item for the auction.  Lodging is available at the Holiday Inn for 95.00/night.  I have a reservation at the Days Inn across the street if anyone is interested in staying there.  Hope to see you in Martinsburg!

February 8th at the Charleston Marriott Hotel


WVGOP Lincoln Day Dinner.  The JCRW and friends were invited to hear Special Guest Speaker Shelley Moore Capito as she announced her plans to run for Senate in 2014. We also heard prior to Mondays press conference all the positive changes our new Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has made in only a few short weeks.  Former Secretary Betty Ireland was also in atendance to speak about Maggies List the PAC to support fiscally conservative women candidates.  WV Chairman Conrad Lucas was our host for the evening and if all goes well will also be our guest speaker at Aprils meeting.  It truly was a festive evening, celebrating our success from the last election and energizing us for a big push to dominate in 2014.  There is much to be done throughout the state and it begins now and with us.  Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting and remember** our Legislative Day at the Capitol 18th 9-3!  (Pictured from Left: Darlene Wheeler, Kelly Pickron, Carol Kalwa-Pickron, Conard Waybright, Carolyn Waybright, Jeff Waybright, Edwina Waybright, Don Michael and Phyllis Michael)

January 14th at the Charleston Marriott Hotel


JCRW President Carol Kalwa-Pickron and Secretary Christina King attended the Republican Inaugural Reception and Dinner for Attorney General, Senate and House Minority Leader.  The Gala was a wonderful event and it was so nice to see so many familiar faces from the campaign trail.  WVFRW Preseident Gladys Lemley and National Committeewoman Melody Potter were alos in attendance.  WVGOP Chairman Conrad Lucas and our own Senator Mitch Carmichael and Delegate Steve Westfall were also there and happy to spend a few minutes talking with us.  The theme of the event seemed to be not to revel in our immediate and local state success from the election, but to look ahead into 2014.  To be on the lookout for qualified individuals that would be good candidates and great elected officials.  To know that we are only as strong as those we send to congress and elect to work in our best interests.  We will see many obstacles in the coming year and our best hope is to be sure we recruit and continue to work tirelessly to advance the Republican Party in both candidates and agenda. 

We also had the pleasure of being introduced to an inspiring group of young people called Generation Joshua.  The GenJ groups are children 12-21 who are politically active, conservative and Christian.  They hope to positively change politics by advancing Christian Principles.  If you are unfamiliar with them please check them out on YouTube or Google. 

 On a personal note, I had the pleasure of being seated next to a woman at dinner from Upshur county who was expressing her concern over not being able to find an active republican group in her area.  After a lengthy conversation about who we were and what the JCRW goals were in comparison to local Executive Committes she said that sounds EXACTLY like what shes looking for. I introduced her to Gladys Lemley and she left with names and numbers to contact locally! Please take every opportunity to talk about what your passionate about (especially thr JCRW) you never know when it could make a difference for someone!  ~Carol